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I’ve been doing editorial photography since 2012. What started as a food photo-shoot for the new restaurant in Madison, ended up being my first editorial photography assignment for Isthmus magazine. Since then I’ve successfully established relationship with other local and national publishers: Madison magazine, Eater, Food and Wine magazine, Triathlete magazine, Minimums, etc.
I specialize in portrait, photojournalism and food editorial photography. When approaching editorial assignment I combine my skills from wedding photojournalism unobtrusiveness and commercial photography planning. That helps me to create visual variety that art directors and editors are looking for.


I respect other people

Farmer, politician,disabled person, chef, blogger, artist, cobbler, undocumented worker, homeless. I photographed them all. I respect them all. No prejudice. No discrimination.

You are busy

Have a story, subject and format but missing compelling pictures to add to the story? I will take it from here. I will contact, scout, schedule and execute. I will make it happen.

I take it seriously

I’ll start working on it ASAP. I’ll go location scouting if needed, I’ll adopt to clients schedule, I won’t miss the deadline. I’ll go that extra mile and I’ll get it done.

I am around

Email me, message me, or call me. I am around and you will be hearing back from me soon. I take responsiveness seriously. And I can prove it to you. Try it.

“Paulius is an extremely versatile shooter. From food and beverage to retail to personality-driven portraits, he can handle anything I throw at him. When I have a serious or emotional story that needs coverage, Paulius is at the top of my list. I always look forward to working with him on location or in studio and the post production and finishes on the images he produces is top-notch.”

– Tim Burton, Madison Magazine

Are you magazine art director, editor, blogger? Are you looking for someone with experience in editorial photography to help you create visual variety for your magazine story or blog content?
Give me a shout! I would love to be on your team! I service Central and Southwestern Wisconsin including Madison and Milwaukee metropolitan areas. Available for travel worldwide.
For free estimate please call (608) 239-4199 or e-mail contact@pauliusmusteikis.com

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