For the upcoming SloPig event executive chef Dan Fox came with quite original gif idea for the best chef that wins the competition- handmade cast iron skillet of SloPig logo. And that is how I’ve met Alisa Toninato- very promising artist who specializes in custom cast iron artwork.
Alisa invited us to upcoming iron pour in St. Paul, MN where she with bunch of her buddies was planning an exciting event. And since I’ve never been to the iron pour before, I had hard time imagining what to expect.Action was taking place in the historic Schmidt Brewery territory. When we got there we found bunch of people working on iron molds, hammering old cast iron products into smaller pieces for faster melt, getting burner ready, securing the perimeter from spectators, and (!!!) offering cold PBR- quite a nice surprise after 6 hour drive.
After couple of beers and getting familiar with how things will roll out later that night I got permission to stay close to the folks in heat resistant jackets during the iron pour. How close? Well that is the cool part- as close as I thought is safe enough to be.
With the dusk all crew got dressed with heat resistant clothing and helmets, burner got loaded with old cast iron chips, and the fun began. So did my “silly photographers dance” (described that way later by Alisa) while trying to capture dripping and exploding melted metal with wide angle lens from as close distance as possible.
That was truly an awesome experience; even when dizziness and nausea from smoke/fumes and freshly burnt holes in clothing are taken into consideration.
Nothing that I’ve ever seen before.
Lots of high fives Alisa!

Find Alisa at

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